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It’s up to you make your own history.

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Referring to Caskett getting together: “When the time does come, what would you like to have be in that scene, what should be part of the moment?”

“What’s going to change for Castle and Beckett now that they’ve finally kissed?”

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"Alexis has been involved on an innocence project type case, a death row case. Things have not gone well and it’s the 11th hour and she asks her dad to come in and help her with this at a point where their relationship is a little bit strained. It gives them the opportunity to get together and it really gives Molly Quinn an opportunity to shine in the episode. It’s an episode that really centers on her character and her relationship with Castle, and it raises some questions for Beckett in terms of how she fits into this family that’s she about to become a part of."

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He wasn’t recalled back to the future. And do you know how I know that? Because he’s not a time traveller.

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" What you destroyed today was worth hell of a lot more than money "

Oh man her face as she walks away. Heartbreaking.

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